Scholarships & Student Loans

The Paterson Rotary Club offers local students financial assistance through scholarships and student loans. (*Student Loans are awarded only to qualifying students who have a connection to a Paterson Rotarian)

The William Hannah Scholarship Fund
William Hannah, a Paterson Rotarian, was always thinking of and supporting Paterson's youth and even in his death, he never forgot the children of Paterson. Each year, the Hannah Scholarship Trustees, administer the William Hannah Scholarship Trust. The fund has been able to provide scholarship funds to Patersonians attending Passaic County Community College. On average, the fund has been able to provide scholarships to over 20 individuals each year.

Student Loan
The Paterson Rotary Club has a student loan fund, which is currently accepting loan applicants, who have a connection to a member of the Paterson Rotary Club.  Graduates begin to pay back their Rotary student loan, with interest, 6 months from the time they leave or graduate school.

To obtain a copy of the Student Loan Application and Promissory Note, CLICK HERE.