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H&R Block Donates $5,000 grant to Paterson Rotary Foundation's Gift of Life Program in Honor of Sandra Bosque

Sandra Bosque, Secretary of the Paterson Rotary Club of Paterson, was recently honored by her employer, H&R Block.  Each year, the H&R Block Foundation awards one employee from within the company's nationwide tax division, The Henry W. Block National Award for Outstanding Community Service.  Sandra was selected for this award and as part of her recognition, she was able to designate a charity of her choice to receive an H&R Block Grant for $5,000.

Sandra picked the Paterson Rotary Foundation's Gift of Life program.  GOL, is a program that brings children from medically under-advanced countries such as Honduras, The Philippeans, The Ivory Coast, China and many others where necessary heart surgeries can not be performed.  The cost of sponsoring a full surgery is $6,000. 

The Paterson Rotary Club has saved the lives of 18 children through their GOL efforts, and will sponsor their 19th GOL child this February 2008.  The child will live with a host family, arranged through the Paterson Rotary Club's membership, and will receive their surgery at either St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, Deborah Hospital, or Montefiore Children's Hospital.

"I selected the Paterson Rotary Foundation, because I knew that every penny of that $5,000 donation will go toward the Gift of Life Fund through the Rotary Club's Foundation," said Sandra.

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